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Fellowship J. E. Purkyně
Advanced physical methods in cell biology and nanomedicine
O. Lunov    (2014-2019)

Celkem: 18
B.Smolková, M.Lunova, A. Lynnyková, M.Uzhytchak, O.Churpita, M. Jirsa, Š.Kubinová, O.Lunov, A.Dejneka
Non-Thermal Plasma, as a New Physicochemical Source, to Induce Redox Imbalance and Subsequent Cell Death in Liver Cancer Cell Lines
Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 52 (2019) 119-140.

B. Smolková, M. Uzhytchak, A. Lynnyk, Š. Kubinová, A. Dejneka, O. Lunov
A Critical Review on Selected External Physical Cues and Modulation of Cell Behavior: Magnetic Nanoparticles, Non-thermal Plasma and Lasers
Journal of Functional Biomaterials 10 (1) (2019) 1-24.

Z. Kočí, K. Výborný, J Dubišová, I. Vacková, A Jäger, O. Lunov, K. Jiráková, Š. Kubinová
Extracellular Matrix Hydrogel Derived from Human Umbilical Cord as a Scaffold for Neural Tissue Repair and Its Comparison with Extracellular Matrix from Porcine Tissues
Tissue Engineering 23, 6 (2017) 333-345.

S. Kubinova, K. Zaviskova, L. Uherkova, V. Zablotskii, O. Churpita, O. Lunov, A. Dejneka
Non-thermal air plasma promotesthe healing of acute skin wounds in rats
Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 45183(1)-45183(11).

M. Lunova, A. Prokhorov, M. Jirsa, M. Hof, A. Olżyńska, P. Jurkiewicz, Š. Kubinová, O. Lunov, A. Dejneka
Nanoparticle core stability and surface functionalization drive the mTOR signaling pathway in hepatocellular cell lines
Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 16049(1) -16049(16) .

M. Lunova, V. Zablotskii, A. Prokhorov, M. Jirsa, M. Hof, A. Olzyńska, P. Jurkiewicz, Š. Kubinová, O. Lunov, A. Dejneka
Amino-functionalized nanoparticles as a platform for mTOR activity modulation in hepatocellular carcinoma Huh7 cell line
Journal of Hepatology 66 (2017) S645-S646.

O. Lunov, V. Zablotskii, O. Churpita, M. Lunova, M. Jirsa, A. Dejneka, Š. Kubinová
Chemically different non-thermal plasmas target distinct cell death pathways
Scientific Reports 7 (2017) 41598(1)-41598(17).

M. Uzhytchak, A. Lynnyk, V. Zablotskii, N. M. Dempsey, A. L. Dias, M. Bonfim, M. Lunova, M. Jirsa, Š. Kubinová1, O. Lunov, A. Dejneka
The use of pulsed magnetic fields to increase the uptake of iron oxide nanoparticles by living cells
Applied Physics Letters 111 (2017) 243703(1)-243703(5).

M. Lunova, V. Zablotskii, N. Dempsey, T. Devillers, M. Jirsa, E. Syková, Šárka Kubinová, O. Lunov, A. Dejneka
Modulation of collective cell behaviour by geometrical constraints
Integrative Biology 8 (2016) 1099-1110.

M. Lunova, V. Zablotskii, N. Dempsey, D. Givord, T. Devillers, M. Jirsa, E. Syková, Š. Kubinová, O. Lunov, A. Dejneka
Control of Hepatic Cells Growth by Topologically Modulated Substrates
Journal of Hepatology 64 (2016) S348-S349.

O. Lunov, V. Zablotskii, O. Churpita, A. Jäger, L. Polívka, E. Syková, N. Terebova, A. Kulikov, Š. Kubinová, A. Dejneka
Towards the understanding of non-thermal air plasma action: effects on bacteria and fibroblasts
RSC Advances 6 (2016) 25286-25292.

O. Lunov, V. Zablotskii, O. Churpita, A. Jäger, L. Polívka, E. Syková, A. Dejneka, Š. Kubinová,
The interplay between biological and physical scenarios of bacterial death induced by non-thermal plasma
Biomaterials 82 (2016) 71-83.

V. Zablotskii, O. Lunov, S. Kubinova, T. Polyakova, E. Sykova, A. Dejneka
Effects of high-gradient magnetic fields on living cell machinery
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (2016) 493003(1)-493003(23).

V. Zablotskii, T. Polyakova, O. Lunov, A. Dejneka
How a High-Gradient Magnetic Field Could Affect Cell Life
Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 37407(1)-37407(12).

O. Lunov, O. Churpita, V. Zablotskii, I. G. Deyneka, I. K. Meshkovskii, A. Jäger, E. Syková, Š. Kubinová and A. Dejneka
Non-thermal plasma mills bacteria: Scanning electron microscopy observations
Applied Physics Letters 106 (2015) 053703(1)-053703(5).

D. Tukmachev, O. Lunov, V. Zablotskii, A. Dejneka, M. Babic, E. Syková Š. Kubinová
An effective strategy of magnetic stem cell delivery for spinal cord injury therapy
Nanoscale 7 (2015) 3954-3958.

O. Lunov, V. Zablotskii, O. Churpita, E. Chánová, E. Syková, A. Dejneka, Š. Kubinová,
Cell death induced by ozone and various non-thermal plasmas: therapeutic perspectives and limitations
Scientific Reports 4 (2014) 7129(1)-7140(11).

V. Zablotskii, O. Lunov, B. Novotná, O. Churpita, P. Trošan, V. Holáň, E. Syková, A. Dejneka and Š. Kubinová
Down-regulation of adipogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells by oscillating high-gradient magnetic fields and mechanical vibration
Applied Physics Letters 105 (2014) 103702(1)-103702(4).