Publications associated to project

18-14497S - Czech Science foundation
Functional organic-inorganic self-assembling nanostructures
V. Novotna    (2018-2020)

Total: 8
B. Barman, B. Das, M.K. Das, V. Hamplová, A. Bubnov
Effect of molecular structure on electro-optic and dielectric properties of self-assembling lactic acid derivatives with ester linkage groups in the molecular core
Journal of Molecular Liquids 001 (2019) 01-15.

L. Lejček, V. Novotná, M. Glogarová
A model of field induced stripe texture in the cholesterics with extremely short pitch
Liquid Crystals 46 (2019) ???-???.

V. Novotná, S. Stulov, V. Hamplová, M. Cigl, O. Pacherová
New smectogens with (S)-2-methylbutyl lactate group in the terminal chain and chlorine-substituted molecular core.
Liquid Crystals 46 (2019) x1-x7.

A. Poryvai, A. Bubnov, D. Pociecha, J. Svoboda, M. Kohout
The effect of the length of terminal n-alkyl carboxylate chain on self-assembling and photosensitive properties of chiral lactic acid derivatives
Journal of Molecular Liquids 275 (2019) 829-838.

P. Vaňkátová, A. Kubíčková, M. Cigl, K. Kalíková
Ultra-performance chromatographic methods for enantioseparation of liquid crystals based on lactic acid
Journal of Supercritical Fluids 146 (2019) 217-225.

M. Glogarová, V. Novotná, A. Bubnov
Dielectric response of ferroelectric liquid crystals in samples of finite thickness
Ferroelectrics 532 (2018) 20-27.

M. Horčic, J. Svoboda, V. Novotná, D. Pociecha, E. Gorecka
Bent-core dimers with top-to-bottom linkage between central units.
RSC Advances 8 (2018) 22974-22985.

R.K. Shukla, A. Chaudhary, A. Bubnov, K.K. Raina
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes - ferroelectric liquid crystal nanocomposites: Effect of cell thickness and dopant concentration on electro-optic and dielectric behaviour
Liquid Crystals 45 (2018) 1672-1681.