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Spinový a orbitální magnetismus příměsí vzácných zemin
A. Shick    (2018-2020)

Celkem: 4
Shick, A. B, Denisov, A. Y.
Magnetism of 4f-atoms adsorbed on metal and graphene substrates
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 475 (2019) 211-215.

E.Colineau, P.Boulet, J.-C.Griveau, R.Eloirdi, F.Wastin, A.B.Shick, R.Caciuffoa
Gallium substitution in the transuranium superconductor PuCoGa5
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 745 (2018) 477-482.

T Klimczuk, A. B Shick, S Khmelevskyi, AL Kozub, KK Kolincio, J-C Griveau, E Colineau, R Eloirdi, R Caciuffo
Structural and physical characterization of NpPt2In7
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 768 (2018) 852-858.

Oleg Kristanovski, Alexander B. Shick, Frank Lechermann, and Alexander I. Lichtenstein
Role of nonspherical double counting in DFT + DMFT: Total energy and structural optimization of pnictide superconductors
Physical Review B 97 (2018) 201116(R)-1-201116(R)-4.