Publications associated to project

Parametric representation and stochastic 3D modeling of grain microstructures in polycrystalline materials using random marked tessellations
J. Kopecek    (2017-209)

Total: 2
Y. Chen, O. Molnárová, O. Tyc, L. Kadeřávek, L. Heller, P. Šittner
Recoverability of large strains and deformation twinning in martensite during tensile deformation of NiTi shape memory alloy polycrystals
Acta Materialia 180 (2019) 243-259.

O. Šedivý, D. Westhoff, J. Kopeček, C. E. Krill III, V. Schmidt
Data-driven Selection of Tessellation Models Describing Polycrystalline Microstructures
Journal of Statistical Physics 172 (2018) 1223-1246.