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Project no. 17-27338Y of the Czech Science Foundation
Interfacial Engineering of Metal-Semiconductor and p-n Junctions by Self Assembled Monolayers of Oriented Dipoles
A. Vetusko    (2017-2019)

Total: 2
M. Hladı́k, A. Vetushka, A. Fejfar, H. Vázquez
Tuning of the gold work function by carborane films studied using density functional theory
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (2019) 6178(1)-6185(8).

A. Vetushka, M. Müller, M. Hladík, M. Ledinský, A. Fejfar, J. Macháček, T. Baše
Study of the adsorption mechanisms of oriented dipoles of carborane-thiol molecules on a flat gold surface
9th International Conference on Molecular Electronics, Paris, France 17-20th December 2018