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Project no. 19-00579S of the Czech Science Foundation
Advanced diagnostics of reactive HiPIMS plasma for deposition of oxide, nitride and sulfide layers
M. Cada    (2019-2021)

Total: 4
H. Hajihoseini, M. Čada, Z. Hubička, S. Ünaldi, M. A. Raadu, N. Brenning, J. T. Gudmundsson, D. Lundin
The Effect of Magnetic Field Strength and Geometry on the Deposition Rate and Ionized Flux Fraction in the HiPIMS Discharge
Plasma 2 (2019) 201-221.

R. Hippler, M. Čada, V: Straňák, Z. Hubička
Time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy of a unipolar and a bipolar pulsed magnetron sputtering discharge in an argon/oxygen gas mixture with a cobalt target
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 28 (2019) 115020(1)-115020(13).

R. Hippler, M. Čada, V. Straňák, Z. Hubička
Ion formation in an argon and argon-oxygen gas mixture of a magnetron sputtering discharge
Journal of Physics Communications 3 (2019) 055011(1)-055011(9).

M. Zanáška, P. Kudrna, M. Čada, M. Tichý, Z. Hubička
In-situ impedance spectroscopy of a plasma-semiconductor thin film system during reactive sputter deposition
Journal of Applied Physics 126 (2019) 023301(1)-023301(12).