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Project no. 18-05552S of the Czech Science Foundation
From single silicon nanocrystals to optically and electrically efficient multilayers
K. Kusova    (2018-2020)

Total: 5
P. Galář, K. Kůsová, A. Fučíková, J. Khun
A method for surface modification of semiconductor nanoparticles using non-thermal plasma activated water and product thereof

P. Galář, T. Popelář, J. Khun, I. Matulková, I. Němec, K. Newell, A. Michalcová, V. Scholtz, K. Kůsová
The red and blue luminescence in silicon nanocrystals with oxidized, nitrogen-containing shell
Faraday Discussions tba (2019) tba-tba.

Kateřina Kůsová, Tomáš Popelář
On the importance of onset times and multiple-wavelength analysis of photoluminescence decays
Journal of Applied Physics 125 (2019) 193103(1)-193103(9).

I. Pelant, K. Kůsová
Towards a Germanium and Silicon Laser: The History and the Present
Crystals 9 (2019) 624(1)-624(19).

T. Popelář, L. Ondič, I. Pelant, K. Kůsová, D. Hiller
Energy transfer channel between silicon nanocrystals and an optical center emitting above their bandgap
Journal of Luminescence 215 (2019) 116685-116689.