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19-00925S Czech Science Foundation
Magnetic and magnetoacoustic properties of highly anisotropic intermetallic compounds
A. Andreev    (2019-2021)

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M. Falkowski, P. Doležal, A. V. Andreev, E. Duverger-Nédellec, and L. Havela
Structural, thermodynamic, thermal, and electron transportproperties of single-crystalline LaPt2Si2
Physical Review B 100 (2019) 064103(1)-064103(12).

D.I. Gorbunov, I. Ishii, T. Nomura, M.S. Henriques, A.V. Andreev, M. Uhlarz, T. Suzuki, S. Zherlitsyn, J. Wosnitza
Magnetic phase diagram and crystal-field effects in the kagome-lattice antiferromagnet U3Ru4Al12
Physical Review B 99 (2019) 054413(1)-054413(9).

D.I. Gorbunov, T. Nomura, A.A. Zvyagin, M.S. Henriques, A.V. Andreev, Y. Skourski, G.A. Zvyagina, R. Troc, S. Zherlitsyn, J. Wosnitza,
Magnetoelastic coupling across the field-induced transition of uranium mononitride
Physical Review B 100 (2019) 124417(1)-124417(7).

D.I. Gorbunov, C. Strohm, M.S. Henriques, P. van der Linden, B. Pedersen, N.V. Mushnikov, E.V. Rosenfeld, V. Petříček, O. Mathon, J. Wosnitza, A.V. Andreev
Microscopic nature of the first-order field-induced phase transition in the strongly anisotropic ferrimagnet HoFe5Al7
Physical Review Letters 122 (2019) 127205(1)-127205(6).

I.S. Tereshina, L.A. Ivanov, E.A. Tereshina-Chitrova, D.I. Gorbunov, M.A. Paukov, L. Havela, H. Drulis, S.A. Granovsky, M. Doerr, V.S. Gaviko, A.V. Andreev
Tailoring the ferrimagnetic-to-ferromagnetic transition field by interstitial and substitutional atoms in the R–Fe compounds
Intermetallics 112 (2019) 106546(1)-106546(5).