Development of novel low-loss materials for plasmonic applications

Plasmonic materials play an increasingly important role in modern photonics and nano-optics. The plasmonic applications requires search for novel materials with metal-like optical properties and low optical losses. In this project, we propose engineering of the plasmonic materials in order to get material with low imaginary permittivity and negative real permittivity. Special attention would be devoted to effect on the interface between the substrate and plasmonic film with respect to structural aspects (inter-diffusion, intermetallic bonds formation) and the optical and electrotransport properties( free-electron concentration and Drude relaxation rate). The Infrared and UV-Vis-NIR ellipsometers will be exploited for analysis of the properties. The project is focused on study of transition-metal-nitride ( especially TIN, Zrn, HfN) plasmonic materials with special fokus to effect on the interfaces. The development of the nitrides will be concentrated on tuning of the optical properties by controlled non-stoichlometry.