Advanced preparation of catalytically active oxides on metal supports using combination of plasma sputtering and chemical methods

The project deals with methods for preparation of cobalt oxides and Co-Mn, Co-Cu, and Co-Cu-Mn mixed oxides in the form of thin layers deposited on metal substrates. The main aim of the project is preparation of catalysts for VOC total oxidation, exhibiting sufficient adhesion of deposited oxides to the support, low pressure drop of the catalyst bed, and high utilization of active components. Use of plasma-aided deposition of active components represents a promising way for obtaining such catalysts; it has not been studied in detail until now. The magnetron sputtering working in DC, pulsed-DC, and HiPIMS regime of discharge excitation will be thoroughly investigated. The combination of plasma-aided deposition with other methods for supports coating with precursors of catalytically active oxides (e.g., electrochemical, hydrothermal, and sol-gel reactions) will be studied as well. We are going to prepare supported oxide catalysts with improved mechanical and physical chemical properties and high catalytic activity, selectivity, and stability in the catalytic combustion of VOC.