Interfacial Engineering of Metal-Semiconductor and p-n Junctions by Self Assembled Monolayers of Oriented Dipoles

The control of electronic transport through metal-semiconductor and semiconductor-semiconductor interfaces is crucial for multiple electronic applications. This project aims at developing new methods to design interfacial junctions in desired way by introducing of self-assembled mono-layers (SAMs) of oriented carborane dipoles. Carboranes are stable cluster molecules. Their ortho-, meta-, and para- isomers have different (in magnitude and orientation) dipole moments which, in combination with possible functional groups, create wide spectrum of various dipoles. In this project we will focus on different isomers (and their mixtures as well) of carborane clusters to construct structurally rigid SAMs on various substrates . Subsequently, a further layer will be deposited onto the studied SAM and the created electrical junction will be investigated. Experimental studies will be complemented by DFT calculations of periodic structures of SAMs on gold and semiconductor surfaces which will explore of physical characteristics.